Stockport Homes End Of Tenancy Agreement

The Greater Manchester Law Centre believes that consulting and housing companies should offer their tenants affordable and affordable rental contracts whenever possible, and that they should only take evacuation measures as a last resort, and if all other efforts to resolve rental problems have failed. If you have a lease, you are safe from an undue rent increase or illegal eviction. Your rent can only be increased during the rental period if you agree, otherwise your landlord will have to wait until the end of the existing life. You are also protected from illegal eviction and your landlord must obtain a court order and follow a clear court process if he wishes to take possession of the property before the end of your lease. The law requires that your rental be both safe and in good repair condition. As part of your lease, you and your landlord have support obligations. You have an obligation to take care of the accommodation and repair the damage you have caused. Your landlord is also responsible for maintaining the property at an acceptable level, including carrying out repairs and ensuring that all equipment and services are controlled and meet all health and safety standards. If your landlord does not respond to the invitation, you may have the right to make a claim against it. The first step to understanding your rights as a tenant is to know what type of lease or license you have. In 1989 and 1997, the government introduced new laws allowing councils to transfer their housing stock to housing companies, and many Council tenants voted in favour of promising improvements to their homes. This meant that the Safe Tenancy Council became a “safe lease” as existing tenants retained their previous rights, but the rights of new tenants were restricted.

If repairs are needed in your home, check your rental agreement for repairing them. Repairs should only be done if the lease says you can. If you don`t have a copy of the contract, contact your landlord. If you wish to terminate your lease with us, you must fill out a lease form and send it back to us. Some housing companies have decided that they also want to facilitate the evacuation of people within the first 12 months of their tenancy agreement, and so many have begun to offer guaranteed short-term rents with less protection from evictions for new tenants and have not granted them any more eviction rights until after the first 12 months.

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